How to pursue a career in music

How to pursue a career in music

Dynamics of the music industry have changed drastically over a short period of time. Just a little more than a decade back cassettes, tape recorders, CDs and CD players were still in fashion. Bands and artists would record albums and launch CDs and cassettes in the market and fans would go crazy. There was a downside to this though, the reach and publicity was limited and it was a tough job to become famous. Now, in contemporary times, with such easy access to social media, global reach for an artist does not seem to be a dream anymore. But that does not come easy because, in contemporary times, the influx of information is so heavy that without the right approach it is not easy to stand out amongst the other competing artists. With the right approach, a struggling artist can turn into a sensation. 

  1. Dedication: without dedication it is impossible to make a prominent name in the music industry. You need to be dedicated enough to make your way through the initial stages and not be disappointed. Many talented artists quit in the initial stages because though they had talent, they did not realize that being famous requires some serious perseverance.
  2. Be unique: uniqueness is one thing that will take you a long way in the contemporary music scene. To quote the example Omen44 is the upcoming Japanese artist who currently resides in New York. Being a part of different cultures he had diverse sources of inspiration which played a part in giving him the unique style of music he has. Once a struggling artist, he worked through the hardships and is now a prominent figure who fuses Japanese and New York hip-hop music.
  3. Collaborate: collaboration is the key to shine and make a prominent name in the contemporary music scene. Collaborating with artists would not only be a source of inspiration for new music styles. It would give a new flavor to your style. Also, collaborating helps increase popularity through the efforts of all the collaborating artists. A notable example of such a collaboration would be of Omen 44 who collaborated with prominent artists such as Sadat X, Craig G, Large Professor, Marley Marl, BuddhaBrand(Japan), Statik Selektah, 9th Wonder, D.I.T.C, Smif-N-Wessun and more. This is a very wise approach to gain popularity in the music scene. 
  4. Stay updated: don’t just launch a good song or an album and then fade out only to launch a song after a year. At initial stages, you need to be prepared with a good number of songs and albums and launch them on as many social platforms as you can. This would gain you popularity, visibility and awareness.

The points mentioned above are the way to go about in the contemporary music scene and if followed properly, the chances of becoming a successful musician are very high.

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