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The Magic of Fireworks in Birmingham and Solihull

The spectacle of fireworks illuminates the night sky with bursts of color, bringing joy and celebration to diverse occasions. Whether it’s a grand public event, a festive holiday, or a private celebration, fireworks add a magical touch to the city’s festivities. The allure of fireworks Birmingham extends beyond, reaching the charming locale of Solihull. Here, amidst the community spirit and local gatherings, fireworks paint the skies with dazzling displays, creating…

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7 Tips for Keeping Your Voice Healthy and Strong

Our voice is one of the most valuable tools we have. It helps us communicate with others, express our emotions, and even make a living. But like any other part of our body, our voice requires care to stay healthy and strong. So if you need to know how to keep your voice healthy, this article will discuss the importance of vocal health and provide ways to keep your voice…

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Why New Yorkers Hire Party Rentals NYC for Their Event

Are you willing to make your next event unforgettable? Start preparing your party arrangements with Party rentals NYC. It is not only popular but also full of fun and entertainment; some people even claim that their service will not cost you an arm or leg. Finding a party rental company that is cost-effective is still a dream of many. You are fortunate because you can find the best party rental…

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Paypal On line casinos Perspective Gambling establishments A Recognize Paypal Deposit

Content Fund your Paypal Clarification Very best Paypal Gambling establishment Advantage Offers With regard to Caribbean Contributors On the other hand, the best pay in movement is certainly £15 and begin withdrawals are inclined to use’m more and more difficult when compared to just a day. It doesn’t, while waiting, a fabulous online casino only just accepts Caribbean pounds.

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What’s So Trendy About Dorian Rossini That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

WHO IS DORIAN ROSSINI? If you are feeling that Dorian Rossini is an application or programming to take selfies then let me right you that Dorian Rossini is not an application or programming, he is an individual character himself. He is getting viral via web-based networking media records and I will reveal to you why he is getting so a lot of viral. Also, I will tell to you why…

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Hugo– Best and Worst Movie Moments From Hugo

Martin Scorsese’s new film, Hugo, which is Scorsese’s first children’s film and movie in 3d is a love letter to the creation of movies. Hugo is about a boy (I’ll let you guess his name), played by Asa Butterfield, whose father started fixing automation but died before he could be able to successfully complete it. Hugo is obsessed with trying to fix the automation; even going so far as to…

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Young Adult– Best and Worst Movie Moments From Young Adult

Jason Reitman is one of the freshest directors working today. Jason Reitman makes funny, sharp, bitter comedies that provide some social critique. Each of Mr. Reitman’s films has been better than the previous ones—that is until Young Adult. Young Adult is funny and bitter but isn’t as sharp, original, and funny that his previous three films. Also, Young Adult seems to not have much to say. There is no damning…

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Music for Soul!your Search Is Over

Since the 90s, my good friend Bill had this crazy notion about wanting to open a record store. I say crazy for a few reasons. By the end of the century, the music retail landscape (in Australia) was dominated by HMV, Sanity, and JB HiFi, big companies with more buying power than some Pacific Nations. Also, a pesky little thing called Napster was just about to hit the Internet, forever changing the way we would consume music. To top it off, Bill was a Deputy Principal of a High School in his mid-forties. His entire retail experience consisted of a part-time job as a supermarket cashier before he went to a teacher’s college. Despite all this, his notion (nay his dream) became a reality and on the 1st of March 1999, Atlantis Music opened. I know this because before I became a corporate fat cat I worked in the store with Bill. The two of us along with my flatmate and great friend Chad (to complete the triumvirate) worked tirelessly for weeks on end in those first months of 1999 to get the store ready for opening day. To say we winged a lot of it is understating the gravity of the situation. The aim of the store was simple: give the customer more than what any other music retail business could offer – outstanding customer service. No I know that is part and parcel of anyone trying to sell you something but we could never compete on the same playing field financially. Money can buy you as many CDs to stock the shelves as you desire, it could not buy you the personalized service we were offering. Any album in the world? We were prepared to track the ends of the earth to find it. Our slogan was simple: Your search is over…You’ve found Atlantis Music. Sure, we stocked the pop princesses, but we aimed to cover much more ground than the current playlists of the Austereo Network. A decent range of back catalogs? Yes. Second hand? We had it. Vinyl? 7, 12, even 10 inches? Sure thing. 78’s? We haven’t even discussed memorabilia, original movie posters or our specially made record cleaner (otherwise known as the blue goo). The range of the stock was one thing but establishing a long–lasting relationship was the key. We wanted regular customers to enter the store, be greeted by their first name, and engage in robust discussion about the affairs of the world. Did this always occur? Of course not, but you bet your ass we kept aiming for that perfect customer experience. I clocked out after 8 and a half years (Chad not long after), ready for new challenges that would lay ahead. Yet I can honestly say I enjoyed waking up every day and going to work in the store. Who wouldn’t enjoy listening to and discussing music for 8 hours a day? My time there is full of so many great stories and larks but the one I always remember, which occurred in the first few months there, was when a middle–aged man got a bit shouty at me over the song “Cat’s In The Cradle”. He swore black and blue it was on the album Tea For The Tillerman by Cat Stevens and was a little more than agitated that a 20–year–old kid was telling him that Cat Stevens never sang it and if the man was so sure then to prove it. I even offered him a copy of Verities & Balderdash by Harry Chapin (which contains the song he was after) to purchase. I guess there was no pleasing some people. I am proud to say that last month, Atlantis Music celebrated a decade in the business. Pretty phenomenal you must admit in this current state of not only music retail but global economic misery as well. It is a testament to Bill’s vision that the store is still a success whilst many of his contemporaries are sadly shutting their doors for good.

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Fun Lovin Criminals Perform a Silent Disco

Smirnoff Nights: Silent Disco & Fun Lovin Criminals @ Koko, Camden, London – 10th September 2008 Last night Smirnoff held the first night of a silent disco global promotion campaign at Camden’s Koko club (formerly Camden Palace for those party-goers of years gone by). Headlining was Huey and Co. of the Fun Lovin Criminals with a twist, the whole night including two sets by DJ OD was to be a Silent Disco! The concept of a Silent Disco started in Eastern Europe and its popularity has grown in the UK over the last year or two. I was intrigued to finally attend a ‘silent disco’ but couldn’t fathom exactly how it would all work. In reality, it was very, very good. The club was busy on all floors, and the music from DJ OD (a pioneer of silent discos from Holland) was largely party anthems. The ‘silent disco’ was sent out in FM to the headphones and could be received by any lucky neighbors flicking through the airwaves nearby! Staff handed out headphones and Smirnoff branded garments including feather boas, leg warmers, gloves, and visors to the fans in the entrance hall. The eerie silence was strange, as it dawned on me I would usually be able to feel the bass from here.  But this time there was no noise, only the shuffle of feet and the occasional voice. Looking down on the dance floor was surreal, but only with the headset off (when you could hear the odd fan already singing along!), once the headphones were on the experience seemed surprisingly normal. The bar was exclusively Smirnoff-based drinks and offered a one-off opportunity to be served Smirnoff with Dr. Pepper, or ginger ale, or have cocktails including Moscow Mules and Apple Treacles. The Fun Lovin Criminals came on at 10.30.  The drummer was housed in a soundproof box, while the other two were free-standing on the stage very close to the fans. The clarity of the music was better than a usual gig since there was no distortion from crowds shouting although the sense of atmosphere was preserved by the genuine enjoyment and excitement evident on people’s faces (and dances!). The band was on stage for approximately one hour and appeared to enjoy the gig as much as the audience. It’s worth mentioning, that due to the silence of the night adoring fans could express their love for Huey and the band with a guarantee to be heard, something usually confined to the “I love you Huey!!” momentary intervals between songs. Overall the event was great fun, well planned, and ran very smoothly; with a thoroughly enjoyable vibe in a clubbing experience that appears to be taking the UK by storm. I don’t expect the thumping speakers of traditional clubbing to become extinct, but I do highly recommend going to a silent disco with an open mind to enjoy the novelty of the concept. The Koko Club was great, the crowd had an awesome vibe and the band’s performance was thoroughly brilliant. The next Smirnoff Silent Disco event in the UK is to be held in Brighton.  Be sure you get down there for another quality night. Have fun!